My most complex RC toy, nicknamed Roflcopter has been the source of seemingly endless nights spent welding and debugging.

The custom flight board is an atmega-based system with angular rate and accerelation mems sensors.

Remote control is achieved through a hobbyking 6ch digital radio (with the receiver output signal reverse engineered).

The most interesting part is the two-way communication with a computer through an xBee wireless interface. The fight control interface is a webpage with html5 candies, and it reads/writes the xBee serial interface through a node.js proxy process.

Pictures, more details and all the source code you can find on github.


GDrive Listener

I was experimenting with doing async processing of http an file upload with node.js, so I ended up coding a server that pipes the bytes from an upload to a download.

So basically it's an instant file transfer service, that does not store the uploaded file.

Bookmark the website and give it a try, the source is on github.


GDrive Listener

The winning entry for a CloudSpokes challenge.

An html5 web app game that showcases interaction with salesforce's database.com service. Using the handset's location it finds out the closest franchise shop, and maintains a leaderboard per store.

Try on your iPhone, or inspect the source.

Node.js http keep-alive

GDrive Listener

I was running performance tests on our product when I noticed that node.js as a http client does not handle keep-alive connections as one would expect.

It turned out that the http module's agent implementation only keeps the underlying TCP connection alive, if there are pending requests towards that endpoint in the agent queue.

You might be in a situation, where you send requests one-by-one, so closing the connection every time simply does not make sense, since you know you will send the next one in a matter of milliseconds.

In this case feel free to use my keep alive agent implementation.

Tokamak plasma


While I was writing my master's thesis, I felt a sudden urge to do some simulation of the magnetic field and the path of electrons in a Tokamak device.

It always helps understanding if we see what happens. I have used three.js + canvas + Biot-Savart law.

Check it out.



In our new office the kitchen wall has an array of RGB LED light sources.

There was a competition to come up with some nice pattern to display, so I created an app that can visualize the ideas.

Done with SVG, Web Worker, backend is Node.js with Amazon S3 persistence. Try it!


3D SBS Tree

That's three dimensional side-by-side layout HTML.

Imagine creating a 3d web page: 3d images and sections with different depth. With the introduction of 3d display mobile phones it may not be far away.

When I bought my 3d tv it occurred to me with the SBS input technique I can easily generate any content to be displayed in 3d.

A basic example is this, then I quickly put together a demo by extending Mr.doob's Voxels. Fire up your 3D TV, put it into SBS mode and be amazed.


Snake game

A snake game entry for the 140bytes competition.

I practiced the great minification techniques found here, and received trendomous feedback from the community.

Check out the project on github and try the demo!



This small project was made for an optics course.

Parallel light rays are traced through a lens with variable curvature, and thus the minimal focus spot can be found.

Implemented in javascript, the rendering is done on a canvas. Try it!


GDrive Listener

I have won a CloudSpokes challenge with this small project.

The users are able to authorize the Java backend (through OAuth2) to access their Google Drive, which then does periodic polling on the change feed, and sends notifications to the frontend through pusher.com.

Github source and working demo.

about me

I am known as attila_incze / atimb / attila.incze@gmail.com.

Silicon Valley, California

I live in the San Francisco bay area, working at Facebook. (Nokia and WalmartLabs in the past.)

I have a Master's Degree in applied physics (wait, what?), but I'm spending the majority of my time coding.

I'm really enthusiastic about web and mobile technologies, You can usually find me at related meetups in the valley.

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